Sports company law, sports insolvency law, tax law in sports matters

Due to an increasing professionalism in many kinds of sports, the importance of the law increases steadily in many kinds of sport. Sports law and sports economy law include a broad range of legal aspects around the issue of sports. This does not only refer to professional sports but also to amateur sports as well as individual and team sports.
There are many points of contact with the other legal areas managed by the law office KNITTEL. These include business law (e. g. funding and restructuring of clubs), insolvency law (financial restructuring of a sports club to avoid insolvency) and tax law (e. g. taxation of foreign athletes in Germany),

Sports labour and social law, sports tort law, sports criminal law

Because of its fundamental knowledge in the area of sports law the law office KNITTEL does also provides support in civil tort law (e. g. payments for body damages suffered in sports), sports criminal law (e. g. advice in cases of culpable damages during the sports competition) or sports labour law (e. g. working contract of a professional athlete).

The law office KNITTEL would be happy to give you strong professional legal support in all these areas of sports and sports economy law, to make sure that you, as the client, could further on practice the beloved sport with the passion and time required to be successful and to feel satisfied.