National and international tax planning and tax structuring

Very often, there is the personal desire but also the need of the client as an individual or an enterprise for its own fiscal optimization. Especially in times of frequently changing tax laws and unexpected tax rulings such considerations support strongly the own asset protection in the long term. The law firm KNITTEL has a wide experience in matters regarding the field of individual formations on the basis of the personal situation of all kinds of clients. However, the experience of the law firm KNITTEL  is not limited only to the national tax law. In the area of international tax law individuals and company clients will receive support to manage and secure their tax interests with regard to the complex international tax structures, explicitly represented by many double-taxation agreements and supranational regulation around the world.

Tax litigation, auditing and opposition proceedings, tax court cases

In relation to the fiscal authorities (tax office, tax audit, legal redress office) and the upper and lower tax courts the key success factor is the qualified support and mentoring of the client in the safeguarding of their rights in all areas of tax law. This requires the discussion, confrontation and if necessary also the legal litigation with the fiscal authorities and courts on equal terms. You will receive support to protect against, prepare for, and resolve disputes with tax authorities. There will be optimized results in these fields with the backing of a tax adviser and a tax qualified lawyer in one person.

Fiscal offences, defense in fiscal offence proceedings, prevention

In the future there will be increasingly less tolerance in cases of violating tax law. Because of the tightening of legal frame works and also the more and more restrictive tax rulings by German lower and upper courts, the risks fo being involved in preliminary investigations of suspected fiscal offences increase for individuals but also for companies and their management. In such situations sticking one’s head in the sand is no solution. To protect proactively against such investigations the law firm KNITTEL supports their clients in the setup of an effectively working tax compliance structure. Naturally, professional help is additional available for preparing voluntary self disclosures and amendments of tax returns. Apart from this, full support will be provided to the clients in the case of fines or a criminal tax proceeding.

Tax filing

Of course, the law firm KNITTEL is pleased to undertake the filing of all kinds of tax declarations for its clients (e. g. income tax, trade tax, corporation tax, value added tax, gift- and inheritance tax).