Company law

In the case of the intended foundation of a company there are good reasons to contact a legal and tax adviser at a very early stage. For the creation of a company different legal forms of partnerships or corporations are available. In every individual case many aspects have to be taken into account to answer the key question of the proper legal form of the future company. This relates to, along with issues of organization, balance sheet and publication rules, also aspects of liability, tax as well as cost of formation. Only in case of a later conflict is it clear which quality the initial agreement of the founders has. A finely tuned and regularly updated shareholder agreement will help to avoid disputes between the shareholders or with their heirs and supports the protection of the jointly generated value of the company.

The law office KNITTEL has a long standing experience in supporting the founding of a company and is pleased to help you with its comprehensive legal but also fiscal knowledge in setting up companies in various forms, inter alia private limited company (“GmbH“), public limited company (“AG“), general partnership (“OHG“), limited partnership (“KG“ or “GmbH & Co. KG“), partnerships limited by shares (“KGaA“) or limited liability entrepreneurial company (“UG“).

Shareholder dispute

In the case of a shareholder dispute the advice given to the shareholder includes their rights and duties in a shareholder meeting. Furthermore the adviser prepares the shareholder for the shareholder meeting and is available during the holding of the meeting. Such help could also be given to members of the management in case of a dispute with the shareholders. Shareholder disputes very often refer to the business strategy, measures of the management or the effectiveness of shareholder resolutions. The challenge of the external adviser is to develop a target-orientated practicable strategy in consideration of economical aspects and to supervise the execution of the elaborated plan. The law office KNITTEL has intensive professional experience with the interface between shareholders and its management but also the handling of shareholders. Because of this knowhow the office is capable of assessing difficult situation and subsequently develops practicable and realizable solutions.

Merger & acquisition, company restructuring

With regard to the organic development of your company the office KNITTEL is pleased to accompany you in all kinds of M & A transactions. This applies in the same way for conversion or restructuring of your company as well as plans for the avoidance of insolvency or liability. In all these cases, relevant tax implications will be taken into account.

Trade law, contract law

The ideal arrangement of the various relations of a company with all its stakeholders is essential for financial success. Regardless of the necessity of a careful drafting of the shareholder agreement there is also the requirement to secure the legal position of the company towards its clients, suppliers and employees. There has to be the goal that in all these relations long-lasting and cost-intensive legal disputes are avoided. This can be reached by the careful set up and regular updates of the legal basis of these relations.

Balance law, special audit, judgement or ruling

Due to longstanding experiences also in the area of auditing the law office KNITTEL can provide practice proven expertise with reference to tax or trade balance law. This includes single financial statements as well as consolidated financial statements. Moreover, the office is prepared for special audits (audit according to Art. 16 MaBV (“Bauträger”), compliance audit, embezzlement audit) as well as a party opinion or a ruling concerning controversial issues.