Representation of interests with regard to banking, financial services, investment funds and insurance matters

Banking and capital market law refers very often to disputes within the context of the business relations between the bank, financial service company, investment company or insurance on the one side and the client or investor on the other side. In case of an investment by the client a conflict arises at the latest when the investment threatens to become non-performing or has already lost most of its value. The financial burden ist particularly serious for the client in cases when the investment is based on long-lasting savings for the time of retirement.

In all these cases a detailed analysis of the facts including all the documents of the business relationship is necessary to get a qualified assessment of the chance of a mutual settlement of the controversies between the involved parties. The probability of a consensus-based solution of the problem is very often not to be estimated as low. Apart from that, the ruling of the German Federal Court very often gives especially in the field of banking and capital market law an indication of the outcome of the dispute between the client and their business partner.

Investment advising, wealth management

For the purpose of avoiding long-lasting time and cost-intensive disputes, the implementation of a detailed analysis of the tax and legal risks of the investment is recommended before entering the investment. The law office KNITTEL disposes of a long standing legal, tax and financial expertise in the assessment of various investments, inter alia also with domestic and foreign closed real estate and private equity funds and is also accustomed to discussing these matters with the investment adviser as well as the wealth manager.